The Red Pitaya SDR.

This project was a way of keeping the "little grey cells" active and has proved to be quite a fascinating exercise.  Most parts were sourced from the junk box with several items bought via E-Bay.  The total cost has not been calculated as yet but it is a fully working SDR transceiver delivering 30 or 50 watts and costing far less than a commercial unit.  It is an example of "Chuck it all into a box with chrome handles and LEDs and it will impress anyone" :-)


Front view of the unit

Using an existing case resulted in a design larger than necessary.



Front Panel.

Chrome handles and dial lights are a must with homebrew.



Plan View.
Here you can see the component parts
no attempt made to keep it tidy. 


Band Switching Unit & Circuit PDF.
This takes the BCD output from the
Hermes Ctrl pins from the Red Pitaya
and switches the BPF relays.

The PA Driver Unit.
Based on a design by Ed. EI9GQ
this unit drives the PA with about 1 Watt.

 RF Pre-amp unit.
Purchased via E-Bay this 30 dB pre-amp gives the Red Pitaya the
front end gain needed. This gain can be set to +16 dB or
-10 dB and -20 dB attenuation as needed by digital control. 


Band Pass Filter Board.
Relays were sourced from E-Bay and the board is drilled
for nine bands, only five fitted at present.

The PA Unit.
This is from my old Softrock project and has been
modified for this application.  With 13.5 V supply it
gives about 29 Watts out and with 24 V that goes
up to around 50 Watts.

This is Jed my hairy assistant.

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